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“Pimp My Religion”

I heard a car with it’s stereo going “Boom, Boom, Boom”, turned and saw it had wheels so big they barely fit under the fenders, dark tinted windows, carpeted dash board, and the body was so many different colors I don’t know … Continue reading

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What are you for?

With all the issues of abortion, homosexual marriage, financial armageddon, the ever increasing rise in false doctrine, and the general moral collapse of people in America, its easy to get wrapped up in all the things we are against as Christians. Never has … Continue reading

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“Words that sound true, but aren’t”

For years I’ve heard people say “Jesus is coming soon”. I personally know preachers that have preached that message for over 50 years! Lately, with all the “Jesus will return at 6:00 PM on such and such a date” predictions, I’ve … Continue reading

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Are you “That man”?

Have you ever known someone so super spiritual that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I often wonder if there is any hope for someone in this condition. I struggle with how to reach out to someone so arrogant. I’m reminded … Continue reading

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What kind of disciple are you?

The Bible teaches us to “go and make disciples of all men” but what kind of disciples are we producing? What percentage of those who boast of being a “christian” these days are actually disciples? When I look around the … Continue reading

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