“Temporary Comfort or Long Term Peace”

Too many times we choose temporary comfort over long term peace. We endanger our future, in exchange for instant personal gratification, rarely considering the long term relational consequences. We reach out for that short-lived fix seeking to extinguish the pain of the present, but in the end only our future is damaged.

Addiction is real and I’m convinced we all suffer with it on some level. Maybe drugs, alcohol, or sex is not your vice of temporary comfort, perhaps you struggle with something more commonly accepted by our society like food or shopping. Whatever the case, we all struggle with something. And the void we are trying to fill usually involves broken or stressed relationships to some degree. Whether it be broken relationships with others or a broken relationship with God, a broken or stressed relationship is often discovered at the root of our addictions. Ironically, what we reach out for to ease the pains of our situation only magnifies our problems and causes us more pain in most cases.

But don’t fear, there is hope! Don’t fret, there is help! There is opportunity to overcome! YES! Victory can be achieved, but victory is a choice we must decide to make, it won’t just happen. The perfect time to act on this choice is not some time in the distant future, it’s here, in the now. We must make this decision with intentionality and stand up to fight with victory as our only acceptable outcome.

While it’s up to you to make the choice to engage in the fight, don’t feel like you have to face the battle all alone. God has, and will provide support for you. He will lead others to support you, and call on you to support others as you become strong. Healthy relationships are essential elements in every battle plan of success. So stop delaying! Quit procrastinating! Man up! Get involved and begin to cultivate healthy relationships that lead you to the expected outcome you desire!

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