“Giving for the Credit”

I don’t know about you but I have to wonder about people that take pictures of packaged food, diapers, gift cards, or whatever that they are donating and post them on social media for people to see what they are doing. I guess I’m just weird but I like to give with as few people as possible knowing it was me! I don’t need public praise for being a good steward with what God entrusted me with. I’ve merely done that which was expected of me, not anything worthy of reward, or praise.

One may say, “Well, if we don’t share what we do with the world how will they know about it”? Really? Are the ones being blessed by our generosity so prideful that they won’t share with the world how they’ve been blessed? Are they so unthankful, and entitled, that they believe our generosity is owed them? Where does this attitude come from? I believe it stems from the environment that the church has created. By catering to every whimper of the “less fortunate” with no expectation of them ever changing we have caused them to become entitled! And the problem is NOT with them, it’s with us! We have become so infatuated with ourselves that we make everything about us, even our giving! We could care less that in many cases we are enabling, as long as WE get the credit for being generous!

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m getting too old to understand current culture, and maybe I’m just being too critical. Or perhaps maybe I’m just sick and tired of Christians tooting their own horn because those benefitting from the generosity of Christians are so unthankful! The Bible doesn’t say “God helps those that help themselves” but I sure feel a whole lot better about helping someone that is at least trying their hardest! And I don’t need the world to know about it for my benefit either!

That being said let me encourage you to pay attention this holiday season. Look for those that are trying their best and give them a helping hand. And when you do, put your trumpet down and keep your mouth shut! Oh and keep your Twitter and Facebook feeds clear of any self-praise as well! I don’t need to see a picture of the diapers you purchased for a needy single mother of five under the age 4 with six different fathers! (Ok, I went over the cliff with that last statement, but frustration is like a fart, it’s painful when you try to hold it in!)

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