Ready, Aim, Fire!

Have you ever felt like a mouse running on a wheel? Has the purpose of your life ever become blurred? Have you ever felt like success was an impossibility? If so, maybe your target is set too far away. Let me explain….

A few years ago I purchased my daughter a youth Bow & Arrow set along with a large Styrofoam target for practice. The bow was pink camouflage and the arrows were purple. The target was bigger than she was! She was so excited; she couldn’t wait to hit that bullseye!

So I set the Bow up, adjusted it and showed her how to use the sights. We set the target up at about 20 yards away and she fired her first arrow. Totally missed the target all together! So she fired the second, totally missed again. Then a third, same result, totally missed the target altogether! So I moved the target closer, about 10 yards away. She fired another arrow and struck the area outside of the target hitting the Styrofoam board at least. She must have fired 50 arrows that first day rarely hitting the actual target and never hitting the bullseye. But she was determined and she practiced almost every day!

Soon her aim became better. Her focus was intense and her skill was improving. She was hitting the target in a more consistent manner and on a very consistent basis, yet still not hitting the bullseye. It took some time. It took several weeks of practice in fact, but soon she mastered the target at 10 yards. She was hitting the bullseye on a very consistent basis and felt accomplished as her goal was being achieved. Soon I noticed her become bored with practicing and less committed to practice each day. She had achieved success and was becoming bored because it was no longer a challenge to hit the bullseye. It was time to move the target.

We moved the target back out to the 20 yard mark and I asked her to give it a shot. The first arrow hit the Styrofoam, but missed the target. Suddenly the challenge within her was renewed and she began practicing once again. Except now the strategies she used before with the target at 10 yards, wouldn’t work. The arrow seemed to wildly and erratically sail through the air with no uniformity or consistency. She couldn’t understand why the challenge seemed so much more difficult at 20 yards, while so simple to her at 10 yards. She steadied her aim in the same manner, she practiced over and over again, but the bullseye seemed to be elusive.

Then she discovered if she aimed a little higher than before hitting the target in a consistent manner became possible again. The arrows leveled out and began to take a more consistent path because she had adjusted her aim and re-aligned her strategy. Soon she was hitting the target in a consistent manner once again and well on her way to successfully accomplishing her new found goal.

But that’s not the end of the journey! Stay tuned for more of this story to come. In the meantime, if you are consistently hitting the bullseye and have become bored with life maybe it’s time to renew the challenge within you by moving your target out. Or maybe you find yourself frustrated because your arrows seem to wildly fly through the air with no consistency. Maybe you need to move your target in. Regardless of the position you may find yourself in today, remember to aim steady, adjust your strategy as needed, and stay focused on improving your skill. Success will come when you consistently focus on the goal set before you and determine within yourself to never give up!

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