“Rock Walls & Waterfalls”

There can be no salvation without repentance. Repentance is not manifested without conviction. Conviction is not discovered in the comforts and confines of a warm, inviting, comfortable place. Yet, this seems to be the trend in American churches today. We have decorated our facilities with rock walls and waterfalls in an effort to draw people to our churches. We spend millions (in the name of the Lord) making our churches warm and inviting. Coffee shops and book stores are in the atrium for our convenience and comfort (of course, all the proceeds go to fund ministry). Thousands flock to our assemblies with tired arms and sore muscles. Not from worshipping the Lord but from patting ourselves on the back for the awesome facility we have built for the “community”. When did the vision of the church go astray? How did this become our vision of hope? Where did we gain, or attain this wisdom by which we build?

In earlier years in America saw dust covered dirt floors and open aired pavilions were the places God performed some of His finest work. People came to church with their eyes focused on Jesus and a heart filled with a desire to worship. Whether or not the church had heat, air conditioning or even indoor plumbing was of no matter, or value. The purpose of church was worship, not power and prestige in the community. Souls were saved and lives were transformed by the pure power of a holy God. But somehow the evidence of these things were forgotten and forsaken. We argue and complain about God being taken out of government schools and court houses, yet He was evicted, by us, from His own house first! No longer is the powerful presence and manifestation of His Spirit enough to satisfy our lust. We must build multi-million dollar facilities to draw the crowd, because God’s power no longer impresses them. I say, God is the one not impressed.

The facts stated above cannot be denied or refuted. For history tells the story of years past and the evidence of today is on practically every corner. As I write this I’m deeply moved with compassion toward God and desire to worship Him for who He is. I wish I knew of a place I could gather with other believers and worship. Worship God for who He is without hearing about the pancake breakfast needed to raise money for what God has not provided. I wish I knew of a place where I could publicly worship God with other believers, where He was still welcome, and still the main focus. I long to worship God with other believers in a place where what His word says matters more than what the board of directors say. In America we need revival. Yet, even the word revival is considered old fashion and outdated. Even in the midst of our rebellion the gospel message of repentance still proves to be what we all really need. Today, I urge you to find a place where conviction can be manifested, repentance can be sought, and forgiveness can be obtained. Today, I urge you to worship God for who He is, rather than what He has given and what you can get.


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  1. Shannon Hollis says:

    Well said Adam. You have what I call Holy discontent. You recognize that something is not right. You recognize that something is missing and that we desperately need to make some changes.

    The church in the West may be facing some potentially dark days ahead. I believe that we have been weighed in the balances and found wanting (Jesus is not enough). Unfortunately, we are all guilty; from the White House to the church house and even within our own houses.We have fallen prey to the more monster; the bigger is better mentality and the end results are all the same. God will hand us over to our own greed and lust for more. The more monster is what I call bondage, or captivity. We are slowly but surely becoming slaves to a life style of gluttony that is unsustainable. We will destroy ourselves by trying to sustain our appetites for more success, growth, and power.

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