“Praise & Thanks”

Today I received a blessing in the mail! To be honest I was really doubting it was going to come and had already began conditioning myself mentally to accept another let down. I’ve dealt with far too much misfortune in my short lifetime and usually find myself “preparing for the worst” instead of “hoping for the best”. In some strange way I’ve learned to fool myself into believing that “preparing for the worst” will somehow make the pains of disappointment hurt less. Yet truthfully that never works. Disappointments hurt. When you have high hopes for something good to happen and then things fall apart, it plain and simply hurts. Yet today I found myself rejoicing and praising God for a blessing.

I thanked Him several times and praised Him for answering my prayer in a positive manner. After all, when something good happens, thankfulness and praise is the proper response from a Christian, right? Then suddenly in the middle of all my enthusiastic acts of thankful worship, I was convicted. I thought why did I not consider God worthy of all this thanks and praise before the good fortune came. Why do I praise God more when something good happens and seem to praise Him less if it doesn’t? Isn’t God worthy of all my praise and thankfulness regardless of what good does, or does not, come my way? Isn’t He worthy of the same praise and thankfulness no matter what blessings I receive? What if the blessing had not come, would I have been upset and presented God with my grievance against Him instead of offering Him thanks and praise? Isn’t He a great God all the time, or is He only great when things work out in a positive manner like I planned?

Today I realized I should love God the same all the time. When things work out good and when things seem to be falling apart. He’s the same God yesterday, today, and forevermore and He deserves the same praise and thankfulness from me no matter what. Maybe I’ll always praise Him more when I’m happy about something good, but today He taught me to remember to praise Him, and thank Him everyday, no matter what. Hope this inspires you to praise and thank Him today too!

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