Our Purpose
Our main purpose and ultimate goal is to win people to Jesus Christ. To live a life that's pleasing to God we must reflect Jesus Christ in our daily activities. We also realize the tremendous need for biblical understanding in these last days. It seems that many minds have been clouded with doubt and confusion by many false doctrines.
You may think if you belong to a popular church denomination the truth is what you are being taught. Unfortunately, that's simply not fact in these perilous times we live in. Traditions, of men, have been taught for many generations that are simply not founded on God's word. The only way for you to discover the truth of God's word is to study it for yourself. You may not understand all of it at first, but as you grow in God's grace he will provide understanding for you.
One of the biggest challenges we face today is the "thats what I've believed all my life" or the "thats what my mom and dad believe so thats what I believe" position. With all due respect to those you may look up to and trust in, Jesus is the ONLY way, the truth, the life, and by the way, he is the Word too. You will not be the first, or last, person to come to realize that what you have been taught all your life turns out to be a bit distorted from what God's word really says and means. The question is, will you receive the truth when it's presented to you? Or will you choose to wander a few more years (or 40) in the wilderness?
We feel an unmistakable call on our life to love people and teach them the truth of God's word, as we also learn of him ourselves. We can only succeed in our purpose with the help and guidance of God's Holy Spirit. The bible clearly states that it's not God's will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
We believe the "Church" needs revival. A revival that will turn our hearts toward God and provoke us to love others the way Jesus did. Before our hearts can be revived, we must repent of our sins on an individual basis, turn back to God and receive his word in our hearts and live accordingly.
We've commited ourselves to just that.
Will you join us? 
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