Our Mission
Our mission is to revive a spirit of humility and instill a consequential fear of God into those in the harvest field we've been called to labor in. As we embark on this incredible task we are faced with many obstacles. However, we must "hold on" to God and the call he's given us and succeed in leading people to Jesus Christ and the truth of his word.
People today are faced with so many uncertaintites, it's our responsibility as the church, to provide them a safe place to learn from God's word as His will for their life is revealed. Jesus lived, a life of example, demonstrating what God expects from us. Jesus gave his life in our place for the atonement of our sin. Jesus rose from the grave for the deliverence of our souls from eternal seperation from God.
It's our desire to lead people to Jesus Christ and do the best we can to encourage them to seek God for the understanding of his word. To say we understand and can explain all of the mysteries of God's word would be a misrepresentation on our part. However, we believe that by his spirit, we have gained an absolutely pure understanding of salvation and the life that is to be lived as a result of receiving eternal salvation.
I've heard preachers for years proclaim that salvation is free, and indeed the gift of God can not be purchased or obtained by any of our works. However, I beg you to ask Jesus, was it free? I can assure you the price he paid was a very high cost, and to receive salvation you must be willing to pay the same price. Your life. It must be laid down at the foot of the cross, surrendered completely to him, and then you must pick up your cross and follow him. After all, why would Jesus instruct us to "consider the cost" of being a disciple, if no price were expected from us?
False doctrine's are growing rapidly in these last days. People are being deceived. We cannot continue to stand by idle any longer. We must rise up and start living the life that shows forth the pure example Jesus demonstrated for us. We have power to witness through the life we live.
Revival in America, and the world for that matter, must start with us.
Where do you stand?
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