About Us
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Walking Revival Ministries, Inc. was started after Adam Proux (an average everyday christian man) attended a revival service in central Georgia back in January of 2001. The Spirit of God moved upon Adam and revealed to him the need for Christians to become "walking revivals" in the way they lived their lives. Adam felt he was being asked by God to proclaim this message, but knew he, himself, was not capable of fulfilling this task. After four months of telling God "I can't", in May of 2001, Adam finally answered the call of God to preach the gospel and share and live this message.
The Ministry has developed in many ways since May of 2001, but the message is still the same, Christians must be, or must be becoming, Walking Revivals for the world to see. The fact is, most people who claim Christ as Saviour are lacking the ability to live out what they say they believe, their faith.
It's our desire to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to our God. We know one day we will stand before Him, bow our knees and confess with our mouth, He is God! We want him to be "well pleased" with us and hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant"
This is why we do what we do. This is why we live as we live. This is why we love as He commanded.
We pray you will decide to follow Christ as well, not just in word, but in deed!
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